Let Us Beat with Your Heart

Our mission is to improve patient quality of life by assisting doctors with our AI analytics and remote patient monitoring, the next right thing to do.

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Our monitoring is continuous

We provide remote real-time, continuous, long-term heart monitoring that enables early diagnosis of heart diseases in a cost-effective manner by automating 14 kinds of arrhythmia detection.


Our heart problem detection is precise

We provide risk assessment and detection of coronary heart diseases such as heart failures, myocardial infarction (MI), and syncope with our unique patented machine learning algorithms.


We help doctors

Diagnose early with our state-of-the-art algorithms running real time on patient physiological signals to detect arrhythmia and/or risk of heart failure.

Integrating our evidence-based report into current workflows reduces doctor burdens and saves time, all the while guaranteeing better patient outcomes with complete insights into patient conditions.


As a Health Advisor, we inform patients of any change in their health condition early

By analyzing different biopotential signals, diets and their correlations, we reinforce behaviors that improve your life quality.

Our daily reports let you or a caregiver be in charge of your health condition, so you can be proactive in your healthcare system before is too late. We recommend to your doctor what tests you should take, manifest of personalized care.


Our software will save lives

Our detection latency is under 3 minutes which will allow remote response fast enough to save lives.


We improve the quality of life, for everyone.

Our technology reduces doctors’ burdens and improves quality of care for patients.

Our services


Our wellness and health management program reinforces behavioral change by showing evidences in your health condition.

Early Diagnosis

Our focus is on detecting heart arrhythmias, heart failures, and myocardial infarctions (heart attacks).

Aging Care

We provide support for home care agencies, senior centers and nursing homes.

Discharge Patients Monitoring

Our solutions help hospitals reduce readmission and payers to achieve Value Based Care

Inpatient Care

Our AI reduces complications due to lengthy admission

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